re: copyright of fan works


" There are very few circumstances in which the rights to your own work are automatically owned by someone else.”

You are exactly correct in this! Except you seem to be applying it backwards. The rights to use Pokemon were ALREADY in place before she used them. You are…

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A blushy, bloated Ceralor.

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Stephen Fry: Open Letter to David Cameron and the IOC


Dear Prime Minister, M Rogge, Lord Coe and Members of the International Olympic Committee,

I write in the earnest hope that all those with a love of sport and the Olympic spirit will consider the stain on the Five Rings that occurred when the 1936 Berlin Olympics proceeded under the exultant…

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It’s easy to get passionate about these events as they unfold and to pick sides, but regardless of our position and the parties involved, try to look at the situation objectively for a moment: someone who wanted to contribute something positive was continuously harassed and threatened to their breaking point.

When that happens, no one wins.

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Trying a new coloring technique for squeaky people. I think I did pretty well.

For Ceralor.

I decided to draw Ceralor because the first drawing I did of him was an experiment that eventually led to me drawing more often. I’ve slowly been drawing more digitally these days, and decided to experiment with squeaky shine involving him again. Along with that, I also wanted to see how far I’ve improved over the year. He’s simple, red, and huge so…

That’s about it!

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Its mindboggling how true this is

My life in a nutshell. :D



Its mindboggling how true this is

My life in a nutshell. :D

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Went and saw Jurassic Park 3D this weekend (I have never seen it in theaters and it was a blast)

Thought of how different the movie could seem from another perspective.

wait is this not the plot of the movie??

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Antivirus and security products

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Because my Sony Bravia Blu-Ray Home Theater won’t properly work when I try to add Hulu Plus to it, I contacted Sony. Basically, it won’t actually give me an activation code for Hulu, instead telling me I need to register my device with Sony, which I’ve already done. I’ll contact again with the hopes they’ll be more helpful, but I bet I’ll have to call.

3:00 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): Hi. Welcome to Sony Online Support. I’m Christopher.

3:00 PM   Customer: Hi Christopher

3:01 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): I understand that the you wish to access the hulu plus services in the unit .I will be glad to assist you.

3:01 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): Have you registered the unit in Sony my essential website?

3:02 PM   Customer: I have, yes, that’s the crux of the issue. It’s been registered there, and I see where I can link/unlink certain premium contents

3:02 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): Alright.

3:02 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): I will forward a page where you can find the information regarding this concern.

3:02 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): Please click the link and let me know if you are able to view the page.

3:02 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): Please note that, the page that I am about to forward, will open as a new tab in your browser window, if you are using Internet Explorer9, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome browser at present.

3:02 PM   Christopher - (C3VF):  If you wish to close the page after reading, ensure that you close only the tab that contains the page and not the entire browser window, as this will end the chat session.

3:03 PM  Christopher - (C3VF) has sent a link:

3:03 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): Are you able to view the page?

3:05 PM   Customer: I am, but that page is irrelelvant. When I go under the Video category and click ‘Hulu Plus’, it shows that it’s working, but instead of presenting me with the next step’s buttons for Login and Learn more, it gives a dialog that says ‘Please register your device with Sony’

3:05 PM   Customer: Let me get the exact text

3:05 PM  Connection lost. Attempting reconnection…

3:05 PM  Support session established with Christopher - (C3VF).

3:05 PM   Customer: “Please register this device with Sony before continuing”

3:05 PM   Customer: That’s the exact text.

3:06 PM   Customer: If i click Enter for OK, it goes away, then comes right back up again. The only way to leave the dialog is to click ‘Home’, which takes me back to the home screen

3:06 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): Please make sure that you have registered the device in the website below:-

3:06 PM  Christopher - (C3VF) has sent a link:

3:07 PM   Customer: Are you even paying attention? I already told you, I DID do that.

3:07 PM   Customer: It shows up in my device list

3:08 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): Okay.

3:10 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): Do you have the device activation code by clicking the Hulu icon in the unit?

3:11 PM   Customer: No, that’s what I was trying to say above, it won’t show me a code. When I click ‘Hulu’, it immediately gives me the error to register the device, which has already been done, and I can’t get a activation code out of it.

3:11 PM  Connection lost. Attempting reconnection…

3:11 PM  Support session established with Christopher - (C3VF).

3:13 PM   Customer: Hello?

3:13 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): Yes, I’m working on it.

3:13 PM   Customer: Gotcha

3:14 PM   Customer: I’m sure this is a difficult issue for you guys too =/ I’m sorry I seem frustrated, I’m just extremely confused.

3:14 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): I can understand your frustration.

3:15 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): Let me explain this to you.

3:15 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): The device should give the activation code after clicking on Hulu icon.

3:16 PM   Customer: Yup, but it’s not =(

3:17 PM  Connection lost. Attempting reconnection…

3:17 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): After that, you can enter this code in Hulu plus website and can activate the device as I mentioned.

3:17 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): Yes, allow me a moment to research this information for you.

3:17 PM  Support session established with Christopher - (C3VF).

3:18 PM   Customer: Thank you

3:18 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): Thanks for waiting.

3:18 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): In that case, let’s try power reset of the unit and check if that helps.

3:18 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): Please turn the BD player OFF. 

3:18 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): Then, unplug the BD player from the wall outlet for approximately a minute.

3:18 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): Next, reconnect the BD player to the wall outlet.

3:18 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): Now, turn the BD player back ON and check if the same issue occurs.

3:20 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): It appears we may have been disconnected.

3:20 PM   Christopher - (C3VF):  Please respond so that I can confirm our connection.

3:23 PM  Connection lost. Attempting reconnection…

3:23 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): I have not received a response.

3:23 PM   Christopher - (C3VF):  I’m closing the chat. Please feel free to get back to us for further assistance.

3:23 PM   Christopher - (C3VF): Goodbye and Thank you for contacting Sony Online Support.

3:23 PM  Support session established with Christopher - (C3VF).

3:23 PM  Christopher - (C3VF) would like you to complete a brief Customer Survey. Open Customer Survey

3:23 PM  Christopher - (C3VF) has ended the session.